Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee also published his review and in it noted that the bundled new Apple iMac Pro computer includes a special black USB-A-Lightning cable for charging the wireless keyboard, trackpad and mouse.

This is a nice detail, because for the first time the body of the computer itself, as well as the keyboard, trackpad and mouse are made in the color “space gray”, and not in the standard “silver”, like all previous Mac models.

Hopefully, you do not need to say that before that, absolutely all Lightning cables from Apple were white. I wonder whether such cable will become exclusive for iMac Pro owners, or in the future it can be bought separately.

Many people prefer Apple devices in dark colors, with which the white cable looks not so good. All models and colors of the iPhone come complete with a white cable, and black can only be purchased separately from a third-party manufacturer.


Imagine if the color of the Lightning cable corresponded to the color of the device’s body. Complete with a silver iPhone X would be a white cable, and with a color gray cable, the cable would be black. For now, if you really, really want a black Lightning cable from Apple, you’ll have to spend $5,000 on iMac Pro.

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