The iMac with Retina Display 5K has already been release this year, an iMac with Retina Display 8K? Apple Display partner LG has announced such a device at least more or less casually in a press release.

The press release LG Display News is a few days old, but now only several pages have become aware of them – including Apple Insider. The message is originally from March 31, not April 1, so that it is not likely to be an April Fool’s joke – especially since LG would have become an “April Fool” nachgeschoben in the case.


In the press release, LG reported that after full HD, 1080p so, and Ultra-HD, 4K So, the next step will lead to 8K displays. Apple has already ‘announced’ iMac 8K ‘with a display with a super-high resolution for this year is “one – which is not true; Apple has been betrayed nothing regarding one iMac with Retina Display 8K.

The display in the 5K Retina iMac comes in at least some copies of LG, so LG should also know know if Apple wants to put in the future to an even higher resolution. Maybe it will this involve iMacs with a larger screen than 27 inches. LG announces that this device before Apple’s announcement and not shortly thereafter at least takes back, however, is very unusual.

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