Image Search Coming To EBay’s iOS App Soon



Given the existence of demanding customer increasing, time is gold when it comes to buying. That is what fast companies like Amazon and eBay have noticed, if they make the purchase faster and easier, they will have you spend money without any problems. The next thing in the evolution of the purchases is not having or that to realize the search, the recognition of images and the Augmented Reality is something in which they are working already many companies of all type. The last to join is eBay, which has announced an image recognition tool so you can easily find the object you were looking for, without losing any time.

This feature has been called Find it on eBay, and responds to a reality, that with the arrival of Amazon and the popularization of Chinese websites such as Aliexpress or GearBest, fewer and fewer are choosing to go to eBay. This new feature for iOS will allow us to capture at the time thanks to its integrated camera, as they would choose photography directly from the iOS Reel, the nth function that will overload the application and we end up not using quickly.

When you upload images to run Find It On eBay and Image Search, we use a deep learning model called a convolutional neural network to process the images. The output of the model gives us a representation of the your image that we can use to compare to the images of the live listings on eBay.

Then, we rank the items based on visual similarity and use our open-source Kubernetes platform to quickly bring these results to you, wherever you are in the world.

It is clear that the world of innovation has no limits as far as we are concerned, but this feature is  interesting for those cases where we see a product in which we do not know the exact model or brand, now you can use Find it on EBay and Image Search.

Download eBay for iOS from App Store.

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