iMAME removed from the App Store


We knew it used to be coming…Just a few hours after his arrival on the App Retailer, Imam, an arcade emulator somewhat a hit, was once ultimately eliminated by way of Apple within the night.Accompanied by means of 9 titles which embody Circus, Crash, Exhausting Hat, Hearth One or Robotic Bowl, iMAME will have survived the first screen of Apple, but not the second chopper. IMAM joins another application cursed iTether, also removed a few weeks ago after being on the App Store a few hours.


Software-based MAME (but not the official port), the application for launching ROMs in. Zip.Logically, only holders of the original versions would have had to use the emulator. Apple found that the risk that the emulator is not used in a legal way was too big (and it was!).


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