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What may seem like a automobile designed and invented by way of Apple? The Italian dressmaker Liviu Tudoranwas inspired by Apple’s Macintosh line and imagined the concept car called iMove for the year 2020.

windows 10,microsoft,windows

This car will be electric, of course and will feature the same design guidelines of the latest Mac products. The body is usually covered with transparent materials, and, inside of his cockpit, the driver like being in a cabriolet.


This transparent material also acts as a solar panel for a sustainable trend. IMove should be able to accommodate three passengers with space for luggage. The concept would also offer various customization possibilities, and the owners will be able to change the iMove based on preferences or needs.


Although it is still a concept, it is possible to see this model in an upcoming “World car” with iPapy driving, would you be ready to adopt?  

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