Import Facebook Contacts on Google+


Earlier makes an attempt of  Google to interrupt into the sphere of social networks have all led to failure and that is simply defined. Certainly, when folks spent months, even a couple of years to construct their group, they’re frequently reluctant to begin from scratch. For now, it’s nonetheless too early to understand whether or not Google+ undergo the identical destiny however in the event you're one of the vital lucky with the intention to check the provider, then the next tip is also of pastime. For certainly, with a single carrier, it is possible for you to to simply import your Fb contacts on Google +. All in a couple of clicks.


And the most ironic in history, it is sufficient to use a service that we have already mentioned at the beginning, namely to Gmail FriendsFor those who do not follow me at the time (it is a shame) , we will take the time to present it in a few lines. The purpose of Friends is relatively simple to Gmail, since this tool allows any user to import all his contacts in Facebook Gmail address book. All you need do is go to the service, to identify with their Facebook account, wait a few seconds to do its job and then copy the generated text in a file format CSV.

Then, open a Gmail , go to his address book, pick the option "Import" from the menu "More Actions" and then go find the CSV file generated in the previous step. If you are afraid of doing wrong and want to go back, you can even import your contacts into a new Facebook group history to be able to turn easily in the future. When they imported, they should conjure Google+. Besides, when you think, Google would probably have everything to gain by integrating this functionality natively. Same also for Twitter.

So good, even if it was a little long, Google+ finally come to accept me. Thank you also to everyone who sent me an invitationSo, I took the opportunity to test this little trick and it works well in good. The only downside, if your contacts are not on Facebook Google +, they will not participate in conversations but it is suspected it a little. Anyway, if you want Facebook to Google+, frankly, you will not find anything better to easily retrieve all your virtual friends.


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