Incipio Cashwrap: Case for iPhone with built-in NFC


NFC Case

In many modern smartphones uses technology NFC. Members devices on Android and Windows Phone can relate labels to book a table at a restaurant, or a smart posters to follow the link to the website, or other NFC-enabled devices to share content ( pictures or video) . iPhone and iPad do not yet have support for NFC. However , thanks to the new cover, it will no longer be a problem.

NFC Case

According to Engadget, the Web “lit up” photo package new corporate cover for iPhone from the U.S. mobile operator AT&T. Incipio Cashwrap accessory equipped with an integrated NFC chip and with a special mobile application allows iPhone to work with NFC- tags , as well as to implement contactless payments .

“Apple can integrate NFC in the next generation iPhone. High probability . Apparently , the company plans to Incipio for a short period of time to patch up the gaping hole that appeared on the market. Accessory allows owners of ” fruit ” gadgets full advantage of NFC “, – writes Engadget.

Sources say that Incipio Cashwrap already entered the AT & T stores and preparing for the start of sales. Special Isis Mobile Wallet application is capable of storing information about a credit and discount cards to be used to make payments. Incipio Cashwrap will be priced at $69.99.

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