Infinity Blade on hand totally free on the eve of “Black Friday”



In 2010, Epic Games together with the studio Chair Entertainment released the game Infinity Blade on the basis of the latter engine Unreal Engine, which in a sense, has revolutionized mobile platform Apple. As soon as possible , and it became a hit last year with a small developers brought $23 million . Infinity Blade became the fastest -selling game for the iPhone and iPad – four days has sold over 270,000 copies.

Infinity-Blade- 1

In anticipation of ” Black Friday » Epic Games has decided to present a gift to all users of iOS and Infinity Blade posted in open access . For a limited time download slashers popular iPhone and iPad , you can absolutely free.

Infinity Blade Features:

” A dynamic single player campaign : Exciting three-dimensional characters and environments running on the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 , enliven the story campaign lone knight to rescue civilization.

Responsive and intuitive touch controls : Attack , dodge , block and place the use devastating spells – and all this just smacks of a finger.

Easy navigation : Easy -to-use management on a ” touch – move ” allows players to effortlessly navigate and explore the space of the castle, at the same time seeking out collectible items such as treasure, swords, shields , armor and other magical objects .

Leveling system : Dozens of swords, shields , helmets , armor and magical rings that you can purchase and learn , raising the level of your character and improving his skill in attack, shelter , protection and magic.

Support Game Center: Achievements and Leaderboards . Call your friends to multiplayer matches online via Game Center”.

The first part of Infinity Blade is compatible with iPhone 3GS and above, any model iPad and iPod touch 3G, 4G and 5G.

Download Infinity Blade available for free [Direct Link].

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