Infographic presentations actual price of an iPhone 5





We all know that the cost of the iPhone 5 with a two-year contract is $199 at the most affordable. However onerous contract with the operator plus an adapter for the new terminal and other costs are wrapped in thousands of dollars, which in the end will have to pay the owner of the new smartphone Apple, experts found research company Avalaunch Media.

Phone subsidy scheme is actively used in the United States and Europe, where the legislation allows the mobile service provider to sell the equipment and communication services in the kit. Operator implements pipe below cost, but the other party sign a long term contract that provides a guaranteed use of services for a fixed monthly fee. In Russia, this model phone sales prohibited by law.

How do I find experts Avalaunch Media, given the tariff for use of communication services and mobile Internet, the $199 subsidized the iPhone 5 with the cheapest two-year contract with AT&T will cost $1440. If the user will get as a protective cover ($50), car charger ($10), docking station ($100) and shoulder bag ($10), the minimum cost of iPhone 5 will be $1800. In that case, if the user selects an unlimited data plan from AT&T, he will have to pay about $5500 for the iPhone 5 in two years.

These and other expenses of the owner of iPhone 5 infographics presented in the following:



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