Apple is taking a very long time to unlock the brand new iPhone 5.Due to this fact two infographics, which offer attention-grabbing insights.&#one hundred sixty;It seems that handiest four% of present iPhone house owners ready for a tool with a brand new design.&#a hundred and sixty;One infographic brings the present consumer of the iPhone reveal and presentations how your present iPhone is decisive for the iPhone that you just purchase later.&#a hundred and sixty;The opposite infographic put the rumors in regards to the iPhone some excellent 5 in a row.

 Green plus signs indicate that there is a fact, a question mark for a rumor and a red cross means that the rumor has already been overtaken by events.Thus we learn that in October 2010 the first rumors about the iPhone emerged in May and the first part of the iPhone leaked five in February 2011 passed on the rumor sites.


The left figure shows that 48.6 percent of current iPhone owners the latest device. Another 28.2 percent are calling the iPhone 3G and 19.3 percent have an iPhone 3G. The first generation iPhone is still considered by many the finest specimen seen, but they are a tiny minority: only 3.9 percent of iPhone owners have some oldskoolinstance.

 More interesting is, who will buy an iPhone 5. This appears to depend on the device that people already have. The newer iPhone, the more likely someone will buy the iPhone 5. Owners of the first generation iPhone are also the least likely to upgrade. But why buy a new one, while the old still performs well? The people surveyed say they expect a longer battery life (15%), rather have an unlimited data plan (11%) or to switch to a shorter subscription (11%).Only 4% waiting for an iPhone with a new look. Another fun fact: the iPhone are mostly used for texting.


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