Infographic: The 20,096 Miles of the iPhone 5 journey



If you take the iPhone 5 through the online Apple Store have ordered, you did not even have to go outside. But the iPhone 5 has made a huge trip, before ‘he was with you on the doormat. Mobile Madhouse has created an infographic, which they identify how many kilometers the components of the iPhone 5 have to travel to eventually be assembled into a working iPhone 5 in a box to be sent to you.

This relates to the general idea, then to ensure the accuracy of all the intermediate steps. According Mobile Madhouse makes the iPhone 5 seven stops around the globe, from the first idea to the headquarters of Apple via England (chips), Germany (screens and baseband ciruit) to South Korea (video processor chip) and Japan (TFT- screen). Eventually the parts from Taiwan in China, where they are combined and sent back to Apple. The latter is true of course for any iPhone, because not produced any iPhone has made a stop in Cupertino. Click to see a larger picture


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