Infuse 3

Infuse 3

One of the best video players in the App Store; Infuse 3 released a new major update that passes the app to version 3.4. The new version embeds a host of new features and improvements that allows users to play their favorite videos comfortably. Now it is possible to see all videos in folders and manage them more easily.

Infuse 3 also allows for that version 3.4 to continue audio playback of the current video in the background even if you left the app – and return it to resume play.

As said above, we can now organize our videos on issues such as classified by genre or another. “A brand new option provides the ability to folders manually organize video content you want,” said FireCore.

You can select one or more videos and move them into a folder to be created in advance, or by choosing to create on the fly.

In addition to these innovations, Infuse 3.4 offers almost a dozen settings, improvements and bug fixes:

-Any new file management – organize them into folders and delete them by lot
– Audio playback of your videos in the background while you use other apps [PRO version]
– Setting for locking your iPhone in landscape orientation
– Support for URL reminders for broadcast from other applications
– Delete videos from the view “Tickets”
– Option to display the file name instead of the recovered name
– Improved caching and loading posters
– Improved connections via SMB
– Problem solving related to direct URL that does not work
– Resetting the URL box after saving a link
– Other enhancements and resolutions of various problems

Download Infuse 3.4 for iOS on the App Store

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