Infuse for Apple TV receives its first update



Infuse for Apple TV, one of the most loved applications to iPhone users and iPad (and not only them), it has received its first update, a much more important than usual for a first review of an application update. Now Infuse should be 10 times faster by adding metadata, a rate which depends on the video and reduced waiting times when looking for new content added.

The most important application of this type is the player, of course, and in this sense has received Infuse helpful improvements such as the ability to watch a video where we left (if you had already started), which get synced via trakt .tv.

Siri remote now works on Infuse as do native videos from iTunes (or by AirPlay with an iOS device), allowing us to advance or delay 10 seconds if we play the right and left of the touch panel or the remote edge.


What is new in Infuse 4.0.1 for tvOS:

  • Much faster metadata fetching (5-10x faster—depending on the video type)
  • Prompt to resume or start from the beginning when playing videos
  • Skip forward/back ten seconds buy tapping right/left edge of touch pad
  • Auto-load details when selecting item from lower shel (on movie/show details page)
  • Double-tap top of touch pad to quickly return to the top of the poster grid view
  • Separate Dolby and DTS passthrough options
  • Fixed issue with selecting share protocol type
  • Added Infuse Pro badging in Settings
  • Folder artwork overriding for TV series
  • Option to clear recently watched list
  • A needful of other minor fixes

Moreover, Infuse versions of iPhone, iPod and iPad have also been updated adding stability and performance improvements.

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