Initial availability of Apple’s new iPad mini may be limited due to display supplier



Apple announced its new iPad mini tab in an event on Tuesday, but one market analyst claims short yield rates from the Apple’s display panel makers could set the iPad mini tab in short supply ahead of the profitable shopping period.

 Analyst Richard shim a senior analyst for the PC Group at Display Search told “CNET” on Tuesday that one of Apple suppliers for the 7.0-inch disply iPad mini’s is having big issues meeting its supply yield rates, in  fact leaving only one display screen panel provider. Instead of joining with leading Korean tech company Samsung, previously Apple’s leading display panel supplier in which new parts where ordered from AU Optronics & LG Company.

LG shipped 300k display panels in September with strategy to rise production numbers up to 1 million in October, 2.5 million in November, 3 million in December.

While AU Optronics is seeing difficulty with the 7.9 inch display screen panels & only shipped 100k in advance of a  planned production rise up to 400k.

“We are now seeing the issues Apple is having with Korean leading tech Company Samsung,” Shim said. 

AU Optronics is a new service provider & they are not capable to get to the production volumes of display panels that iPad Maker Firm desires. So, in  details, there is only one computer screen panel supplier.

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