Inj3ct0r hackers claimed responsibility from hacking AppleInsider forum


The responsibility for breaking the Apple fans forum MacRumors was led by hacker group Inj3ct0r Team, in which some screenshots of open access to user accounts were shown.

Attack on MacRumors, which resulted in the attackers managed to steal the passwords of about 860,000 , was held last week. According to the administration of the resource is affected passwords of all users registered on the site . Passwords are stored in a cryptographically secure manner . However , one has to assume the worst : that his user name , postal address and password were known criminals .


Like Ubuntu, MacRumors forums have used MD5 hashing algorithm with salt, a unique password for each . This is standard for the index engine to vBulletin. It is believed that this algorithm does not provide sufficient security. It is difficult to break the large number of passwords at a time, but if a particular interest intruders password they are relatively easy to get .


Now the e-newsletter recommends all customers to vary passwords on different products and services if there have been used the identical account settings . Some customers have complained concerning the hacking of their debts on different web sites.

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