Input Method Swype now available on iPhone (jailbroken)


You can also already comprehend: Swype, the enter manner the place you most effective need to finger "swipe" the letters of the phrase you wish to have.&#one hundred sixty;It’s built-in in a few Samsung telephones on the&#one hundred sixty;Android operating system running. The iPhone however has to do with the standard keyboard, you must tap one letter. But now there's change has taken place. Swype is also on the iPhone, but only for a small group: the input method only via a jailbreak available.



Developer Andrew Liu ( @ WyndWarrior ) has a beta of the Swype input method in the Cydia store put online. Previously, people could install the application by downloading a file and then install on their iPhone, but now it is a lot easier.

However, there are still some snags to tweak: so let it no blue lines show the swipe, and is the tweak only standard applications from Apple (like Messages, Mail and Notes) and any jailbreak apps such BiteSMS. You also need to enter the text you watch the same letter not too long sticks, because otherwise you pop-ups which will swipe lost.

 The program is reminiscent of an application last year was present in the App Store: ShapeWriter . It is a direct competitor to Swype, but the app disappeared from the App Store after Nuance Communications (yes,  that) the company bought. Incidentally, the director of Swype them for years working on an application for IOS, but it did not come until Apple does not "improvements" for standard functions of the operating system allows.

The iPhone download blog did a nice video for the demons to tweak.


The app available through Cydia is not official. In an interview, Swype CEO Mike McSherry, that it is a hack that pretty much contains bugs. The unofficial app does not use Swype's technology, but only the brand name of Swype. CEO McSherry do not know if the original code of Swype Liu has used, or even something programmed based on his experience with Swype on Android. An official version of IOS for Swype may never appear.

You can tweak download the repo in Cydia.

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