Retro digital camera app and social sharing carrier Instagram has at last launched for Android customers. After a number of weeks of promoting and guarantees from the builders that this may be “one of the vital superb Android apps you’ll ever see” and “in many ways higher than our iPhone app”, the variations between the 2 variations are (disappointingly) minimal.

Indeed, it appears that there’s no functionality included in the Android version that isn’t found in the iOS one, and some things seem to be worse – including the time it takes to apply filters to an image. Overall then, not what we were promised (and probably not what 430,000 users signed up to a mailing list for), but the core app is still solid and worth the download.

The launch of the service has also produced a hilarious backlash from iOS users, many of whom feel that the Instagram community will be damaged by the influx of new users. One typical tweet read “Instagram on android is mad dirty it used to be special now it's just gross". With the majority of iOS users tending to be better-off than their Android compatriots, it’s a weird form of social snobbery. Still, don’t let that stop you – there’s no identifying mark of an Android user posting to the service, so you won’t get called for it.

Instagram is available from the Google Play marketplace for free.

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