There were already several apps that made it possible to create photo collages for Instagram. Now, a new iPhone layout app from Instagram free to download that will simplify the process to upload images.

After you start the layout app for iPhone, you will see an overview of three different photo categories presented, which should simplify a selection of photos for the collage. Besides all the photos there is a group of photos in which faces are seen and an overview of recently used photos.

Only a maximum of 9 images can be selected for collages . Layout from intagram suggests it already during the selection of different layout options before, but can still be adjusted according to personal favor in the second step.

In addition to the selection of existing images brings layout with a built-in Photo Booth function. Here are made using the iPhone camera every second four photos, which can then be used directly for the collage and processed in the second step.

The distribution is only one part of the second step. The individual images can be mirrored horizontally and vertically.


The collage is finished, it can be stored and forwarded directly to Instagram- or Facebook app. Also the direct parts on the well-known iOS sharing feature with other applications is possible.

The familiar Instagram filters are nowhere in layout. These remain, as well as other image editing tasks, task of Instagram. Furthermore, the meta-information of the images will be removed when you save the collage. The location information for use in Instagram is therefore lost.

Layout app for iPhone is available for free on the App Store. An Android version will follow in the coming months, according to Instagram.

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