The Instagram app for iPhone is completely redesigned with version 8.0. Instagram allows you to share photos and videos with other users, with the possibility to apply different filters and effects with every shot.The 8.0 version update adds no new features, but revolutionizes the user interface. The icon is completely different and more modern, but also the graphics of each screen has been changed.

Inspired by the above, the new logo represents a simple camera with rainbow gradient form. Also updated icons in Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang, Instagram applications with which you can make accelerated video, photographic compositions and short animations. Now there is  the whole family logo.

According to the company, the new design of the “app” is easier because it allows attention is in the photos and videos that share the user without changing the way the application is used. Also, a minor modifications was made to the icons and fonts to make the experience more native on Android and iOS platform.

instagram-2016-05-11 Instagram-New-Design-duo

The icon of the app has the greatest twist in its history, now show us a new one that, so different that it is hardly recognized him. And, at first glance, it could belong to any other photo editing application in the App Store, because all the hallmarks that have penetrated so deeply over the years, have gone to the eyes of the average user.

As we can see in the video released by the company, these colors a priori a bit garish epileptic correspond to the mixture that made up the original icon palette. However, what we just fit is not quite this kind of multicolor gradient in contrast to what we found inside the app. Because, in effect, changes not only come in the icon.


Once open, you will find all the changes announced a few days ago, bringing a more serious interface, where more content and generally clearer premium. However, it will take getting used to something as casual as it seems at first glance.

(source: Instagram)

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