Install 3.5mm Headphone Jack On iPhone 7 With A DIY Mod


iPhone 7

Removing “unnecessary” elements has become a common practice in computer and smartphone manufacturers. Apple, for example, in its latest MacBook has minimized ports to maximize space. And with the iPhone 7 ended up rejecting the headset jack making it impossible for users to use their traditional headphones.

At least if you have the knowledge, patience and morning that proves the author of the video, the result could be spectacular. Although we’re not going to deny it, chances are that you end up destroying your precious iPhone 7……

Scotty Allen is the user who decided to mount an iPhone 6s buying the pieces one by one, and go if you got the hero. But he has not wanted to stop, he continues to prove that everything is possible if you propose, and you have the necessary knowledge clear … And is that this intrepid engineer was tired of not being able to directly connect his headphones to his iPhone 7 and has solved it in a mouse, do not miss the video because it does not waste a second of its content.

We have seen many attempts, but Scotty’s is the only true and functional, that is, has actually “embedded” a 3.5 mm Jack on an iPhone 7 without hardly noticing, and not only that, it has also been shorts to make it work natively with the system. Of course in the company of Cupertino should think about offering a contract, perhaps save money and make us save users, because their tutorials are fantastic. Although iFixit would also have a good place to work.

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