Install Android N Preview OTA Update Via Android Beta Program



Google will add the program to install Android Betas N and receive each new preview version released.

android_002Android N is already among us. You can have it and installing the factory image and once done, you will enter the program Betas Google. But if you want to upgrade using images of factories, you can join the program Betas Google and receive OTA. N Marshmallow Android without cables or command window.


Upon entering the program Betas will receive an update via OTA deployed by each new preview version of Android you will not have to go N. installing each factory image as before.

Upgrade to Android N directly from Marshmallow via OTA

But most importantly, you can jump directly from Android Marshmallow N. gunning program betas of Google, you will receive an instant notification on your mobile to download nothing less than more than 1GB of Android N. This really is not us expected.

[box]IMPORTANT: The installation is complete, even if it is downloaded via OTA, all files will be erased.[/box]

Google warns that test the Developer Preview is for developers who want to test their applications and adapt. So recommend installing it on a secondary device because it is not without problems because it is not a final version.

Of course, those who have installed via recovery and not participating in the program Android beta, will not receive the OTA.

Android-Beta-Program (1)

Remember that there will be a total of 6 versions of Android N 5 previews and the final will be done late in the third quarter (August). So each preview version that is released can be received without having to upgrade using the factory image. Very well thought out for developers.


  • Nexus from the list and update it with the first Preview

If you’re a developer, or just want to try the new Android, you must have one of the Nexus that update to Android N (Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Pixel C, and latest version of Android Marshmallow .. With this you met, and will be in the Android  Beta program. anyway, have enabled a link to join the program. Is it up to the community to report any problems?

Enroll in the Android Beta Program


Now available the page to which mobile will agree and say we want to move the program betas. Once activated one of our devices, the update will appear when our Android to download and install. Remember that erases everything, but Google can restore all accounts quickly.

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