FilzaJailed is an APP tool that uses the async_awake exploit and the jailbroken iOS file management tool Filza File Manager to allow users to read and modify iOS 11 permissions without Cydia.

The hardest kernel patch root directory read and write permissions, follow-up by other developers continue to take over, launched with Filza management tools FilzaJailed, allowing users to have the system root privileges (root), you can manage APP iOS 11 system files, the first version Original since the basic Jailbreak  is possible.

Download Cydia Impactor tool (used to install jailbreak APP), by the father of Cydia Saruik launch production, the version will be updated at any time, it is recommended to download again to avoid unable to successfully install ipa.
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)

 How to Install Filzajailed

First you will need to download Filzajailed from here. and Cydia Impactor

Step 1.  After downloading Cydia Impactor,  right click to extract and click “Impactor.exe” to run it, but first install

Step 2. Turn on your iOS device and connect it to your iOS device. Make sure Cydia Impactor has captured your device and dragged the downloaded ipa directly to the install SuperSU box.

Step 3. Enter your AppleID, this tool is also safe than the PP assistant, please be assured input, can not open the second authentication to avoid causing errors, why enter AppleID and password? Mainly because to help you run open developer process, and install the APP.

Step 4. Again need to fill in the AppleID password.

If you fill in the account is a problem or secondary authentication will jump out of this error, if you are concerned about the proposal to register a new set of AppleID.

Step 5.  If “Apple Developer Warning” window pops up and click “OK” to continue, “plist.hpp: 201” may pop up. If you do not need to click “OK”, you can still install .

Step 6. Go to “Settings”> “General”> “Device Management or Profile”, click on the certification (email may be different) to enter, will pop up the inquiry window click on “trust” in order to let the jailbreak tool jailbreak. If the card can not trust the certificate, please confirm whether the network is normal or not. Please remove the jailbreak APP to reinstall once (Step 1.- Step 6.).

Step 7. You will see “FilzaJailed” APP on the main screen of iOS 11, you will be able to manage iOS 11 when it is open. If you turn on the direct flash player for the first time on behalf of this tool is not suitable or support your iOS version or device, please confirm this The beginning of the article describes the support list, if it is in line with iOS 11.2 the following version, it can wait for the follow-up jailbreak tools can be launched in the future.

Known issues
iPhone X in use, will lead to the main screen WiFi, the battery signal disappears, reboot will be normal.

This tool is installed, you can get the highest authority iOS 11, but also as you random delete / modify the iOS system files, it may cause the White Apple or the current can escape the jailbreak environment. Use at your own risk.

Do not manage iOS as Windows, deleted files will not appear in the trash, may result in unable to enter the system.
Not suitable for users who have not jailbreak or modify the system experience.


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