iOS 5&#one hundred sixty;won’t &#one hundred sixty;be unavailable to customers unless &#a hundred and sixty;fall.&#a hundred and sixty;Formally it is vital that your software is registered as a developer to profit the place it is crucial to ask a developer so as to add your UDID in his account.&#one hundred sixty;A 3rd chance is obtainable for a number of hours.&#a hundred and sixty;To supply replace your iOS you have to be a jailbroken software.&#a hundred and sixty;Right here's how:

1. iOS Download the 5 that corresponds to your device, iTunes 10.5 Beta

iPad 1G (669.66MB)

iPad 2 (WiFi 677.89MB)

iPad 2 (GSM 685.17MB)

iPhone 3G (609.2MB)

iPhone 4 (GSM, 730.2MB)

iPod 3G (578.16MB)

iPod 4G (717.74MB)

AS 10.5 Beta iTunes : Mac OS X or Windows

2. Install iTunes 5.10

3. iOS Install 5 beta  . After the update, iTunes will warn you that your device is not registered

4. Access to the device by logging into SSH (or afc2) and then go to this address " / System / Library / CoreServices / SystemVersion.plist "and delete these two lines:

<key> ReleaseType </ key>

<string> Beta </ ​​string>

5. Upon restart, the device appears to be activated on iTunes. Enjoy


Reviewed by Alexis who raises the question of the SSH:

No but you can read? SSH or afc2!
Take that iPhone is free to explore which underwrites allows connection to a cable iDevice directly and without having a jailbroken device! Then you go to the site and edit the file!
It works great!

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