Install iOS 9 Beta Without UDID Or Developer Account



For those who want to test applications on the iPhone iOS 9 Beta 1, but did not pay a developer of Apple, which cost $99 per year. Therefore,  Apple is preparing to use iOS 9 Beta 1 With registration, which will be released next month for download  , but if I do not want to wait, it is also a risky enough. Installation Without developer’s UDID developer is as follows.

  1. From a backup of the machine to be installed properly.
  2. Then download the software (IPSW) as the model to be installed on a computer.
  3. Once the download is complete, plug the USB cable connected to your computer, open up iTunes program and determine if it is the latest version.
  4. Press the alt key on a Mac (on Windows, press the shift) with the Check for update on iTunes.
  5. A window pops up, select the file you downloaded from above. Just as it will start installing the iOS 9 Beta 1 now.

In iOS 9 Beta 1, it is unlikely that there will be as many bugs as ever. There may be side effects in various applications. Including apps that use regularly.Not recommended for general use. There is also the risk of lock to use Apple’s developers because it is not a waste of money. Anyone know how to watch the clip below it.

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