Install iOS CarPlay in your car without spending a penny



Next year, Apple will begin deploying CarPlay on iOS and Android operating systems Auto as the console of new vehicles. However, not every car will change this year, and maybe in the next, so the tweak that we show is ideal for the latest software “for driving”.

Although there are still too many drivers disinterested in this issue, unfortunately, vehicle manufacturers and major software developers are being used the most by creating new solutions for navigation and multimedia content, among other things, to minimize distractions and reduce risk of their use while driving. Two of these solutions are Apple and Android Auto CarPlay of Google, which are specially ringing for their background in the field of mobile devices.

2_iphone6_spacegrey_landscapeAs for Apple CarPlay, although the Cupertino company has tried to dodge the issue several times, we find a software solution that was really necessary, since above your virtual assistant Siri was rated as one of the alternatives worst driving given that causes excessive distractions for not being “a system well refined and contain excessive failures that facilitate distractions”. And, just as we have already seen, Apple CarPlay itself is really tailored to our needs while driving.

Obviously not, but thanks to developers outside Apple itself can enjoy all that we have an iPhone interface and functions of Apple CarPlay. The only problem, if anything can be considered this a problem, we need to have done jailbreak our smartphone. From here, it will be as simple as installing any other “tweak” from Cydia. Which will occupy in these lines is called “iOS CarPlay” and you can find completely free in the BigBoss repository, installed by default on Cydia.

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