Install NDS4iOS Nintendo Emulator On iOS 9 Without Jailbreak



This time the new iPhone emulator called nds4ios and can play some of the best titles for Nintendo’s handheld console, the DS, right from your iPhone. Best of all is that the installation of this emulator is very simple, it does not require that we have done the Jailbreak the iPhone and allow us to play with major commercial titles dual screen console of the Japanese company Nintendo.

This year, it looks like things with PPSSPP have been complicated, and because of some technical problems related to internal changes in iOS in September we will have to wait patiently and pray that this emulator survive this new version, however NDS4iOS remains iOS supports 9 and has now taken a step further still possible to install it without jailbreak.

In many cases there are pages devoted to rescue exiled apps from the AppStore and introduce certificates to be installed on iOS bypassing the big A, I mean for example the web iEmulators, which has always sought to allow installation of these applications Safari therefrom without jailbreak.

This time is iOSEM who brought us back emulator Nintendo DS and DSi NDS4iOS, and the following  will explain how to install it:

How to Install NDS4iOS for iOS 9 Without Jailbreak
Step 1: From our open Safari iOS device and access to the following address

Step 2: When we see this screen, press install and accept the warning that will tell us “ are trying to install” nds4ios “”

Step 3: Return to the Home screen on your device and wait for the app is installed.

Step 4: Before opening the app, go to Settings> General> Profiles and find a profile installed as the image above, click on the.

Step 5: iOS will show profile information including that app belongs (nds4iOS), click on Trust “profile name” and accepts the message.

Now you have the app installed and will allow you to run, left alone include ROMS, a function that was previously done from the app itself but Nintendo managed to remove that function and now is done from a PC or MAC, we show you how.

How to transfer games

Step 1: Internet searches the ROM you want to download, we can not put links as they infringe copyright, but it should not take more than a Google search.

Tip: Looking for a rom with (E) or Europe in the name to make sure it is in your language and do not download the English version or Japanese.

Step 2: If the downloaded ROM is compressed Be sure to decompress, you can use WinRAR in Windows or OS X Keka, the resulting file should be “.nds”.

Step 3: Open iTunes and connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac.

Step 4: In the area of applications installed on your iPhone, head to the bottom to see that support file transfers, and press on NDS4iOS located.

Step 5: Drag the file “.nds” to the list on the right (empty if no ROM already loaded) and check your iPhone is loaded correctly in the app NDS4iOS.

If all went well, you’ve got it, now begins the desired ROM and enjoy your favorite Nintendo DS games on your device OS.

Note: Only devices with superior chip A7 or be able to run all Nintendo DS games at 60 fps (iPhone 5s or higher), the iPhone 5 or A6 chip devices run games acceptably and including a chip A5 (iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5G) depending on the game will be below 20 fps.

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