Install Windows 95 On Apple Watch



Windows 95 running  on an Apple Watch, made possible by developer Nick Lee. This should  not come as a surprised, the old Microsoft operating that dominated the world in the mid-90s, now fit on a much smaller computer. As small as an Apple Watch. The intelligent clock Cupertino. To achieve this, Lee had to apply patches in a WatchKit application that could load your own application code.

This emulation runs using Bosch x86 emulator and can not say it is the smoothest in the world. In fact, just to get the operating system takes a full hour, so would not help us if we seek to impress a friend unless you prepare one hour in advance. In addition, for the clock goes to sleep, need to be touching him, for what Lee has joined the Apple Watch an engine to roll the Digital Crown time to time.

The video is less than five minutes long, but fast motion until it gets to boot the operating system. Once inside, we see that Lee swipe your finger across the screen and at first did not know what he is doing. What it does is move the cursor, but so slowly that comes to despair. In fact, it is sliding your finger across the screen Apple Watch about three minutes to get to what I think is a game, at which point the video ends.

If you could connect a mouse to Apple Watch, this is convincing enough that the operating system would move fluently. My older brother had a computer with a 133MHz processor, 16MB of RAM and 2.4GB hard drive and was all “a beast,” so the Apple Watch with 520MHz processor and 512MB of RAM would be a super-computer 1995. If you are considering giving  this Windows 95 on Apple Watch hack a try, all the files can be found on GitHub

(Source: Tendigi Insights)

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