On the convention Google I / O, the quest engine of the identical identify presented the subsequent model of its working device, Android OS 2.2 codenamed Froyo. This new OS, open supply, starts offevolved to develop within the cell world, even amongst lovers of the Apple model. A few of you want to check it on their iPhone. A while in the past we wrote an educational for iPhone homeowners Facet, as promised here’s a information for iPhone 3G (additionally suitable with the iPhone Part).

We emphasize that this information is for skilled customers best.&#a hundred and sixty;If mishandled that you may now not be held completely liable for, in the end iHelplounge or myself is probably not puzzled.

Downloads and necessities:

  • A jailbroken iPhone 3G or Facet (with Redsn0w, BlackSn0w or PwnageTool. Don’t work with Spirit)
  • A model of the firmware between the two.zero and three.1.2 (now not working with model three.1.three)
  • A PC working Linux (Ubuntu 9.10 or larger in 32 bits)
  • The unique model of firmware three.1.2 downloadable&#a hundred and sixty;right here&#one hundred sixty;(iPhone 3G) or&#one hundred sixty;right here(iPhone Side)
  • Make a backup of the iPhone via iTunes earlier than you begin the educational
  • Use to save lots of time a picture already ready iDroid:&#one hundred sixty;iDroid iPhone 2G or 3G iPhone iDroid
  • Download the firmware for the WLAN Marvell  for the iPhone 3G or this page for the iPhone 2G

    9) Now type in Terminal:

    For iPhone 2G:  . / dripwn iPhone1, 1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw [with the name of the VFDecrypt key that you copied]

    For iPhone 3G:  . / dripwn iPhone1, 2_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw [with the name of the VFDecrypt key that you copied]

    10) After a few seconds the command line will end and you will get the following files:zephyr_main.bin, zephyr_aspeed.binand zephyr2.binin the folder "idroid. T
    ake all the files and move them into the folder "Firmware"



    Now we have all the necessary files for Android, and we can start mounting.

    11) If you have not already done so, download OpenSSH on Cydia



    12) Log in with SSH username: root and password: alpine (password by default)

    13) Go back to the file. Tarball and extract the beginning following files prebuilt: android.img.gz, cache.img, ramdisk.img, system.img, userdata.img and zImage.

    14) Using an SFTP client for Ubuntu ( Filezilla for example), transfer all these files in the iPhone, specifically in: / private / var

    If you do not wear a SFTP client hands, AC, you can use these command lines:

    android.img.gz scp root @ [iPhone's IP address]: / private / var /
    cache.img scp root @ [iPhone's IP address]: / private / var /
    ramdisk.img scp root @ [iPhone's IP address]: / private / var /
    system.img scp root @ [iPhone's IP addr
    ]: / private / var /
    userdata.img scp root @ [iPhone's IP address]: / private / var /
    zImage scp root @ [iPhone's IP address]: / private / var /

    15) Always staying connected al'iPhone, create a folder now called "firmware" in / private / var. Now to upload all the files you have in the "firmware" folder on your desktop. This step can be done with FileZilla or the following command line:

    cp-r ~ / firmware / root @ [iPhone's IP address]: / private / var / firmware

    16) Now restart the iPhone. When it will work again make sure the files in / private / var / firmware are still present and the same size. A file with a different size could cause big problems later. Many people have problems to install Android on iPhone, just because some files disappear or are not transferred completely accurately (good size).

    17) Always on the file. Tar origin, enter the folder "utils" and extract the files oibc andloadibec. Then take the file folder prebuilt 
    openiboot.img3 and put them all in the folder "idroid" on the desktop.

    18) Turn off the iPhone and put it into recovery mode (turn off and home button simultaneously).

    19) Install the library " libusb-o.1.4 "and then get them directly through the terminal command:



    cd ~ / idroid

    sudo. / loadibec openiboot.img3

    If all goes well pass the menu should open IBOOT Open



    20) Select the second menu option by moving with the volume buttons and confirm USING the home button. A console-mode test should start with writing "Welcome to OpeniBoot.

    21) Type sudo. / oibc on the terminal. The same message appeared on the screen of the iPhone should now appear on the terminal. At this moment we do a backup of the NOR just a precaution. To do
    so follow the steps 22 and 23.

    22) Type in the terminal (which is still oibc): 

    nor_read 0 × 09000000 0 × 0 1,048,576

    This will read the entire NOR

    23) At this point write:

    ~ @ 0 × 09000000:1048576 norbackup.bin

    In this mode, a new file called norbackup.bin appear in the folder "idroid. Keep your backup in a safe place. Now we are ready to install Open IBOOT in NOR posting with all what is already the end for the Apple Bootloader iBoot with Android on it.

    24) In the terminal, write: install

    This process will take a few minutes, wait until the message " Installation Complete "appears

    25) Finally type " reboot "and exit the terminal with CTRL-C

    The iPhone should turn back, and you should see the menu on the screen iBoot startup.You can uninstall OpenIboot anywhere between entering the command line "uninstall "

    The image that will appear the next giving you the opportunity to start with the iPhone OS, Android

      OpeniBoot (1)&#one hundred sixty;

    &#a hundred and sixty;

    We completed, click on the little robotic Android OS and revel in in your iPhone.&#one hundred sixty;At all times learn on this venture during the web page&#one hundred sixty;iDroidWiki&#a hundred and sixty;.&#one hundred sixty;All development and updates will probably be revealed right here each and every time there may be new features.

    In case you have any questions ahead of you begin or if in case you have any issues, go away a remark!

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