Intel Android Prototype Important points and Image


This similar to the iPhone design of an Android smartphone comes from the Intel processor builders forge. Then again, it is just a prototype, so as to in all probability by no means seem in public. In a similar way, it’ll most definitely now not get Android working with Intel chip, even though Intel is already in is the improvement courseThe hardware inbuilt the US performs with the speculation of their building to restructure one thing, to enter the pill and smartphone.  


After the image of the prototype in 2012 we will probably come back to enjoy an Intel Tablet / Smartphone considered. In any case, it is very exciting to see what can come up with Intel.

The processor with which they develop in this direction are the Atom processor, which is installed in most netbooks. The reason for this decision is mainly the battery life, know this, even with a dual-core Atom processor is still very good value.

Of course, this prototype will not come on the market, because at the first sight you might think to a certain product from Apple. A lawsuit would only be a matter of time.

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