Intel Announces 5G Modem, AT&T Plans ‘5G Evolution’ For 2017


intel 5G modem

Intel announced that they have just started testing their first modem compatible with 5G technology designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. The modem, which has been launched by Intel, will be able to reach speeds of up to 5Gbps, compatible with speed 5G, which is the future of Internet speed as announced by AT&T.

The 5G technology will lead connections even faster and more secure, although in Italy will have to wait a few more years. Intel is moving to time and offers producers a new modem 5G can integrate into smartphones and tablets.

This first model is designed to allow companies interested to test the product and related technology, and the US is already active in some places thanks to Verizon and AT&T. A final version of this modem could be launched later this year.

But are not you surprised to hear the word Intel related to the world of modems? We all see this company in different devices as in computers, as it is in charge of manufacturing processors. Intel wants to get out of the processors, moving to the world of modems, and seems to be coming in with a very high head venturing with 5G compatibility, which we will see in future mobile, cars and all those who have an Internet connection.

The 5G is the successor to 4G, which was extended to all the devices we have now in our hand. This we will begin to see from the year 2020 in the band of the 700 MHz, reason why would have even more reach than the one has the 4G.


The so-called “Intel 5G Modem,” aims to double the speed of 4G modems and fiber optic connections right now. Before its worldwide distribution, it should be tested with the 5G networks and manufacturers to test them too, so that in the end they are installed on all devices that we will see in the future.

More speed is at our fingertips, which means that technology continues to advance in the right direction to improve our quality of life. I encourage you to leave in the comments box what you think about Intel, to be passed from the processors to the modems.

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