Interactive iPhone thought lets you play with IOS 7 flat interface



With the WWDC ’13 around the corner, a lot is expected about the rumored iOS 7 which will have a radical change, since according to images filtered views through the Internet and banners placed at the Moscone Center.  Indicating that the iOS firmware will have a flat interface and as stated in a previous article regarding how they would be the same, unified. Do not forget that this is not a fact until Monday Tim Cook takes the stage and show it as it is.

Now they have released an interactive concept iPhone 5S with the alleged colors could come the same and the iOS in July where you can play with it, see how it will look and the interface itself and combine it with different colors as I mentioned.

If you like to try what could be the iOS 7 with its plans and other icons you can enter the following link [link] and see how you think.

Upon entering the site can give the wake or sleep button and see the lockscreen, the home screen, icons, widgets such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane mode, location services and more. Note that 9to5Mac recently reported that Apple was testing a delicate panel accessible to the above toggles.

Don’t suppose be swayed by way of this, it’s only a illustration to be able to just about get the theory of trade, I don’t in reality suppose any of that is going to be namely neatly however hello there is nothing mistaken with dreaming, regardless of that many people repeat that we hope to Jony Ive have taken over this space there’s a giant trade, it could be the primary because 2007.

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