Over the past months we have seen enough for plenty of layouts iPhone 6, which sources criticized the Japanese edition of the Nikkei. And now we have the opportunity and look at the volume control and power that will installed in the new flagship.


Leaked images traditionally are low quality, published from Asian sources. The only thing that can be seen with the naked eye, is the fact that the volume buttons and the Power button located on different spot. It looks quite reasonable, given that, according to rumors, the power button on the iPhone 6 will be moved to the upper bound on the side.

By the way, one of the loops , there is the Apple logo. However, it’s uncertain whether this is true or not. In addition, sources forgot to specify what kind of iPhone 6 models belong to these buttons; the 4.7 – or 5.5-inch screen display.


Once again, the iPhone 6 announcement is expected this Fall, and sales of new products will be on September 19.[via Apple.club]

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