Internet Explorer has more and more difficult to convince and attract visitors. It is a surprise to anyone, it's been several years since the web browser of Microsoft began its slow death.However, it is interesting to note is that we have just reached a new level. For indeed, if one believes StatCounter , when Internet Explorer comes more and more of the bar that fateful 40% market share worldwide. A fall which take this opportunity to Google Chrome since it just to reach the
23.17% market share. 
Even he could soon catch up and surpass Firefox.


For indeed, despite a desperate attempt to regain control for Mozilla on the browser, Firefox results are not fabulous. It's been several months that has stagnated at around 30% market share with a slight decline in August, and ending his race with just under 28%. Note, however, he is doing much better than Safari and Opera since they capped respectively to 5.18% and 1.67%. Scores that are not good, true, but are nothing compared to the fall of the browser Microsoft . A browser which rose by almost 70% market share in July 2008 to just under 42% in August 2011.

But that's for the world market, of course. In Europe the figures are somewhat different.Between July 2008 and August 2011, Internet Explorer has increased from 58.19% to 34.72%.The operator of the red panda, meanwhile, does is not necessarily better but it still gets away with 33.82% market share (against 35.52% in 2008) . Again, the big winner in history, it is obviously Google Chrome. The latter rose from 0% to 21.76% market share, while the "only" three years! Again, Safari and Opera arrives at the EOT with very low scores (5.3% for a, 3.74% for the other) .

The most interesting, with all these numbers is that we realize that the situation is more or less the same on every continent. Internet Explorer is indeed collapsing in Asia (45.29%) , Africa (35.93%) or South America (41.54%) . And each time Firefox is in the same situation.The Mozilla browser does not take away from his main rival, but unfortunately it simply to make on-site. This is obviously not the case with Google Chrome seems about to devour its competitors.

At this rate there in a year or two, Google Chrome will be the most used browser in the world.Well, I leave you, I'll go and prepare my hammer, four boards and two or three candles.


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