Internet Recovery for MacBook Pro


Apple stunned us once more these days with two firmware updates previous this week after a brand new replace for the MacBook Air was ready. This time the latest Mac mini and the latest MacBook Pro ‘s turn. The Mac Mini has been with the MacBook Air and 
OS X Lion 
launched on July 20. The Pro five months earlier.



The updates contain the same ingredients as the update for the Air: Improved compatibility with Thunderbolt screens, improved performance in Thunderbolt and Target Disk Mode Recovery Lion Internet.

This last point, the ability to reinstall Lion on a Mac over the Internet, is particularly special for MacBook Pro owners. This laptop was indeed well before OS X came out Lion introduced.

Shout not too early if you have an older model Mac OS X Lion have. Apple probably limited this feature for commercial (and maybe technical) reasons for the current hardware offerings. Do you have an iMac that is younger than 4 months then you’ll be fine. Keep an eye on software update for your firmware update to Internet Recovery!


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