Interview with Saurik: Cydia is just a browser


Who does no longer? Cydia Saurik along with his advent for a few years accountable for the primary device bundle that after a jailbreak on the iPhone, iPod contact and iPads multi-million consumer put in. However how smartly do you truly Saurik? Are there any questions you’ve gotten about Cydia? This text questions essentially the most fascinating and placing out on the presentation of Saurik MygreatFest mixed with a lot of questions lets ask him completely. Additionally on this article, the movies of the shows MyGreatFest, together with the Q & A presentation Saurik roughly one hour.


The story at the back of the advance of Cydia

The presentation of the Saurik MyGreatFest (in a future version JailbreakCon will probably be known as) was once actually a response to all questions that get requested most frequently Saurik. The questions ranged from private to technical. One of the crucial fascinating questions he stored unless the top after which broadly mentioned, particularly: how did you come to Cydia to advance?


In high school had already Saurik a friend who was always very interested in Apple’s keynotes, but at that moment he was not so impressed by Apple. A few years later worked for Saurik The Okori Group , a consulting firm whose partners are both on the first iPhone disposal. Even after the introduction of the iPhone was Saurik not really excited about the first generation of Apple’s popular phone, he had himself already have a Nokia 6340i that all possibilities contained in the iPhone were missing, including the ability to (sound) profiles using and grouping of contacts.

Only when one of the major customers of the company Saurik said his iPhone was jailbroken and that this in theory, all restrictions could be removed was the interest aroused Saurik, because the hardware of the iPhone he was enthusiastic. The owner of The Okori Group Brian Fox saw this as a great opportunity to get a head start on developing for the iPhone platform and immediately set his own useful to you.Saurik went for the company to work with the iPhone and worked on jamvm with JocStrap .During Installer Saurik also had an own repository for this before he began to Cydia, which to this day is available on n> .

An important moment in the history of jailbreaking is that Saurik building the toolchain over from the pioneer night watch , a key component for implementing the jailbreak is. Saurik came this way in contact with Jonathan Zdziarski of iPhone Dev Team, which actually was looking nightwatch (who since his pioneering work, nothing more is heard) to make the necessary changes to implement the toolchain for a new jailbreak. It was Yousseff Francis, the future developer of jailbreak software such as YourTube and celeste, who Saurik convinced that his work was useless
without graphical interface for end users. A week later the first version of Cydia born.

Eventually persuaded Nicolas Haunold, aka @ westbaer and now a member of the Chronic Dev Team, Kyle Matthews of becoming the repository of ModMyi next Installer is suitable for Cydia.With the introduction of debicizer was it easy for administrators to repositories in their repositories based installer automatically suitable for Cydia and followed other major repositories like BigBoss and ZodTTD soon.

The origin of the name dispute about Cydia and

A little fact that in the past has already been named but many readers probably will not know the origin of the name Cydia.The name refers to the coding month in the original title called Cydia pomonella and Dutch apple leaf-rollers are also called.This moth can develop pest and has been behind the apple host.

The website has been to launch the Cydia installer package created by a Chinese company that has approximately 37 000 domain names registered, including almost every time still available combination of five letters. Initially ads were shown, like the other websites of the company. Saurik in 2008 after contact with the company had taken to express his interest in taking over the domain name for $ 1,000, he gets the response that this deal could be closed only if the company exclusive marketing of Cydia should do. Saurik was not interested in this deal: “They are a domain squatter, which is about the worst thing I could say for a lot of marketing for an open source project”.

Cydiadotcom (1)

Within one week the page was replaced with targeted iPhone ads started Saurik and questions received from users about the content of “his” website Meanwhile, however Saurik a trademark in the United States registered the name Cydia, which means that another company named in a similar context can use. Currently, a forum hosted on the domain, focused on the iPhone. “They may use the domain if they want to start a business for washing machines, but not something that directly relates to me,” said Saurik. The current status of the conflict that Saurik legal process has started, but it will take some time before taking an initial ruling is expected.Saurik hopes that the outcome of the proceedings at the very least that there is an unrelated site on the domain will appear. “They cause confusion at the moment. I try not to field anyone to gr
ab, but they may not be the domain in this manner “emphasizes Saurik. The website is also available on Cydia

The reaction of Saurik on Installer 4 and 5

Installer A question that remained unanswered during the presentation of Saurik was how the developer to the recent revival of state Installer. Saurik to say about iHelplounge: “I find it interesting that they feel the need for this.” According Saurik the revival in particular the outcome of the efforts of the Dutchman @ samtupl6_ Saurik which uses an iPhone 2G or 3G, which installer would be faster. Or so Saurik not know, but if it is “more power to him” says Sau

“If people have problems with the performance of Cydia, then let me know and welcome their help.” When asked whether Saurik Installer, Cydia sees a potential threat after a brief hesitation he replies with “it makes me really does not matter. The only thing that strikes me is that these people are so angry. I entered this discussion with samtulp6_, until he decided not to follow me, because I only responded to legitimate questions. ” Specifically asked about his reaction to the fact that RiPDev to a completely new installer 5 working Saurik says “Infini-Dev is why Slava installer working again, so the story began.”

Saurik does not expect the repository will give their support to the new version of Installer: “right now you can find in Installer packages and repackaged gescrapet are causing a lot of anger has led to the repositories.” According Saurik so they burn faster than they can build bridges. The most important lesson in this regard Saurik himself has learned is that if you join a system, you need to understand who controls the business where you need it most access. For comparison shows the developer’s Coca Cola, which only produces the drink cans or bottles and to produce locally. If you are a new entrant in the soft drinks market by you that you do not bottles you need to produce Saurik a serious problem. “The repositories are the community and now have more control over the content of Cydia I – Cydia is actually just a Web browser.”


Asked if the reason for the success of Cydia Saurik is a very early stage, was discovering the jailbreak of iOS 2 he replies “while everyone was busy with an IOS I wrote for six months iOS 2.Meanwhile I was working on the toolchain, and that is why I am a member of the iPhone Dev Team “. Still, one often heard after launching Cydia Installer that people were waiting for Summer Board , “because people thought that the installer package is related to the software so that may be offered.” Because no one actively working on Summer Board, except RiPDev $ $ 45 for that purpose should ask themselves Saurik decided Winter Board to write. “Then I explained how two people from Winter Board and then injected the third asked me I knew something had to change. Then I wrote MobileSubstrate “. Eventually it was
caused by Saurik MobileSubstratie that the success of Cydia.

Planned improvement and expansion of Cydia

Saurik itself is not standing still in the development of its package installer. “Together with the owners of the repositories I am working on a system using diffs, so the full list of packages not always have to be downloaded”. Currently, for example BigBoss’s repository to refresh a file of about 1.5MB download, while the new system only one file would have to be sent that the recent modifications. Not all repositories are on board for the new system, “but hopefully this will soon be a dramatic improvement in performance of Cydia lead”.

Ratings will soon not be part of Cydia as it is Saurik. Valuations Cydia has had a demo at the time of launch, but when it was rumored that the final would be added to the ecosystem following a lot of negative feedback. “I got two of the top developers, who make good software, told that they were worried about the addition of valuations.” Saurik then went to the (virtual) table with these developers and learned that valuations in other ecosystems often “vicious and difficult to respond were”. The BigBoss repository has experimented with valuations, but that was not a success. Cydia according Saurik fact used primarily by younger users who do not always know what’s in a certain context or not and what can be said for other useful information. “The result was a large work which provided a moderating hell, a lot of pressure put on BigBoss and the developers
, which BigBoss decided to discontinue the experiment.”


Coming Soon Saurik Mac OS X to conquer with Cydia. When he suggested the idea in December 2010 to Cydia for Mac OS X to launch within weeks, the reactions were mostly negative and mostly he was asked “why?”. Given the responses Saurik the project decided to put in the refrigerator with hopes it off later to be met. With the introduction of the Lion was awakened interest of many users, according Saurik because the link with iOS thus became clearer and the App Store on Mac OS X is a sandbox environment provides. As an example Saurik pointed to the lack of the possibility of system wide applications to maximize, as for example through the tweak Maximizer for&#0160
;@ chpwn suddenly becomes possible. How soon Cydia for Mac OS X can be expected is unclear, “Cydia for Mac OS X is launched when it is finished” says Saurik.

The presentations MyGreatFest

You can find the presentations held at MyGreatFaest (henceforth JailbreakCon) below. The presentation of Saurik found at the end of the afternoon and can be found in the second video from approximately 2:23:15.


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