nintendo-luigiJapanese investors Nintendo approached its leadership with an official letter , urging the company to start developing games and applications for mobile platforms Apple.

Seth Fisher , chief investment fund Oasis Management, wrote to the Director General of Nintendo Satoru Iwata open letter in which he proposed as soon as possible to start selling mobile versions of their products for iOS and Android.

Quotes Nintendo at auction in Tokyo lost 4 %. In mid- January, the company announced that it is likely for the fiscal year ending in late March , it expects a loss of 25 billion yen (about $ 250 million ) .

In early February, Nintendo announced that it will buy back shares worth $ 1.1 billion to support the company’s capitalization and bring substantial revenue Yamauchi family , founded by the legendary company.

Nintendo will acquire 9.5 million shares, or 7.4 % of all securities held in free float , and for each share will pay 12,025 yen. How to sell securities Yamauchi family , it is not clear , but it is known that the former CEO of Nintendo Hiroshi Yamauchi , who died in September last year , held a 10 % equity interest .

After a weak report was published , the company started talking about the need to change the business model . Many experts say that the only way out would be the licensing of games. But as long as Nintendo is not ready to give Mario and other famous characters at the mercy of others igrostroiteli and publishers .

In January, Satoru Iwata said at a shareholders meeting on the preparation of official applications for mobile platforms that will manage your account in the game when the company. Create your own games and hit transfer projects on iOS and Android company , he said , has no plans .

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