iOS 10.1 Jailbreak on iPhone 7 Shown On Video



The hacker @ ijapija00 unknown to many shown in a demo video of iOS 10.1 jailbreak that would be based on an individual exploits and is considered “stable”, a good sign because this means that the hacker He managed to hoodwink the innovations in terms of safety introduced by apple on its new mobile firmware. The hacker added that the exploit also works on the latest iOS version 10.1.1, released a few days ago from Apple.

The hacker showed the iOS 10.1 jailbreak.1 in function, thanks to the use of an alternate library as regards the Cydia Substrate, which allows it to operate and to also turn the main tweak available on Cydia same, even if the latter do not they are still updated to iOS 10. the thing that leaves some doubt about this video is the series of third-party applications that query system the hacker has to put in place to show the firmware version on your device. Usually to do this just go to Info Settings app.

Bad news for those who are waiting for the final release of the jailbreak iOS 10.1, the hacker has specified that it was built by the same developer, specifying that the granting and maintenance of a public jailbreak is a big job for one person and It brings a lot of risks and responsibilities for the author. It is therefore a figure like Luca Todesco, hackers Italian, also the discoverer of new jailbreak, but that does not release them publicly like the theme Pangu and the other Chinese who in recent years have catalyzed the scene of the jailbreak on iOS. There only remains to wait hopeful that something moves about.

(source: @ijapija00 [Twitter])

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