ziVA Exploits For iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak To Work On All iOS Devices Are Out



Zimperium member Adam Donenfeld exposed the iOS kernel vulnerability ziVA, the vulnerability from 2017 was not found until May, only in the iOS 10.3.1 patch, and the vulnerability is to create the most important jailbreak tool sandbox loopholes. The list of vulnerabilities that directly affect the iOS kernel has been released. Adam Donenfeld, a researcher at mobile security company Zimperium, today released the proof-of-concept code for zIVA, a kernel exploit that affects iOS 10.3.1 and earlier. This code allows the attacker to obtain read and write access, as well as root.

Also, the lack of assistance to ziVA escape the cell line and way in the past Google Project Zero Ian Beer announced the Triple_Fetch vulnerability App, but the vulnerability has been Apple’s iOS 10.3.2 (CVE-2017-7047) was patched, but This vulnerability can also be used in conjunction with the ziVA vulnerability, which can help ziVA escape the cell along the specified route, we can call this sandbox escape: “Ro(o)tten Apples: Vulnerability Heaven in the iOS Sandbox”.

Donenfeld is going to give a talk on these eight vulnerabilities tomorrow at a security conference in Singapore. He works for Zimperium, the same company that discovered the major Stagefright vulnerability in the Android operating system.

The exploitation code of the proof of concept zIVA is available for download from GitHub. The following is a summary of the eight vulnerabilities that Donenfeld reported to Apple earlier this year and how they affected them.

You can find out more about  ziVA exploit on GitHub here.

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