iOS 10 Already Adopted On 14.5% Of Compatible Devices



Only a day away before the iPhone 7 hits the shelves, yet, Apple decided to launch the 13th and final version of iOS 10, which will keep interest to current iOS users trying new products. We have found many, and the reality is that iOS 10 is a pretty slick system that outpaces iOS 9.3.5 easily. However, data with iOS never cease to amaze many years later, we find that from just 24 after its release, iOS 10 was already installed on 14.5% of compatible devices, according to data collected by Mixpanel. Hats off to the acceptance that is having the latest mobile operating system from Apple.

Not least, especially when we know the intense fragmentation the contrary immediately operating system, Android. We Moreover astonish these statistics when we remember that iOS 10 will be compatible with devices 2012 as is the iPhone 5. It seems that users are not getting carried away by fear updates, they are rushing to try the new features iOS on all devices, with clear differences. Beneficiaries are especially iPhone iPhone 6s and 7, which will leverage the new capabilities offered by 3D Touch this latest version of iOS.

A similar growth we saw in 2014 with the arrival of IOS 10. However, currently iOS 9 is still the King, despite the gradual decline that will go suffering in recent months. As we said, iOS 9 governs with 81.9% of compatible devices, while only 4.46% have iOS 8 or an older system installed. These were the statistics that have offered PhoneRound boys. Thus, iOS 10 will be compatible with the iPhone 5 on, the iPad Mini 2 onwards, the iPad 4 onwards and the sixth-generation iPod Touch, so it is not unusual to see him reach iOS 9 in a couple of months.

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