Apple launches iOS 10 And macOS Sierra Beta 6 / watchOS 3 And tvOS 10 Beta 6 



Apple has just released iOS 10 beta 6 to developers and public 5. The launch occurred just one week after the previous version and is available from the Apple software center or via OTA for all users already with previous betas of iOS 10 for developers installed.


Each time a new beta version of any operating system we warned that not worth installing it unless we take into account the dangers we face is launched. iOS 10 beta 5 came with a very annoying bug that caused the thrill Dock, disappeared the background color and even the icons and text applications that were in the Dock doubling. It is almost certain that one of the innovations that have included 10 beta iOS 5 serves to fix this bug.

What has caught us a little by surprise were the new betas of tvOS 10 watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra.

In all three cases it is the sixth beta. The public version of macOS has but of tvOS and watchOS only been released for developers. Right now we do not know what new features have been included in the new betas, but surprised they arrived while the sixth beta of iOS 10. We can not rule out the possibility that Apple has included a major security breach, but we can also think that new betas of the operating systems for the fourth-generation Apple TV, the Apple Watch and Apple computers have come as a minor update.

By the weight of the new version, it is logical to think that there will be no major changes, but has been released to correct mistakes, especially, and optimize performance.

As always, warn that although whether advanced betas, we do not recommend installation unless ye developers or know the dangers you face. In any case, if you decide to try one of the new betas, do not hesitate to leave your experiences in the comments.


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