iOS 10 Beta 3 Changes You need to Know



Apple has released iOS 10 Beta 3 and although most of the innovations of the future operating system will have our iPhone and iPad already debuted with the first Beta, presented by Apple during the Keynote 13 June, each new Beta appearing in the developer portal includes a handful of new features that you had to explain and show video.

Some of them include requests from users since the launch of the first beta, like the ability to unlock the device without pressing the start button, simply by placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor Home button. These and more news then.

The list of most notable new IOS 10 Beta 3 is as follows:

  • Fix design in control panel HomeKit
  • The sound of keys native iOS keyboard is again the same as the Beta 1 that both liked most.
  • Changes the sound to lock the screen, and there is a small vibration in doing so.
  • You can choose to share application data with Apple Activity
  • Health aesthetic improvements in application
  • Siri has a section in your settings in which compatible applications shown
  • Within Accessibility Options can set iPhone so you can unlock without pressing the start button
  • The clock no longer disappears when you scroll down the screen Widgets
  • Messages application no longer cuts the photos in the image selector, making it easier to choose the one you
  • want to send. Application extensions work best.
  • Improvements to respond to messages from the lock screen
  • By sharing an application by 3D Touch on the springboard

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