iOS 10 Now Adopted In 79% Of Active Devices



Apple has updated the page dedicated to iOS 10, an operating system is now installed on 79% of active iOS devices worldwide.

With iOS 10-79%, iOS 9 drops to 16%, while earlier versions amounted to 5%. The spread of iOS 10 is considered quite good, considering that in the same period of 2016 iOS 9 was installed on 77% of active devices.

A short version of iOS 10.3 should be released. To make a comparison with competitors, the latest Android operating system version is installed only 1.2% of active devices.

Quite different from what is presented in the Operating System of competition, Android Nougat, the latest version and therefore the safest version, is installed only on 1.2% of mobile devices, a residual amount to the Even as ridiculous.


The preferred by users so far is Android Lollipop which is available on 32.9% of Android devices active, a version launched during the month of November 2014 and which is on track to reach the three years old. The dis-aggregation between the models and the hardware of the devices that run Android have great fault of this data.

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