iOS 10 now warns you about risk of water damage


O9jvmlnlAny technology blog world has ever published a story about unfortunate accidents caused by a mobile device or other electronic devices. The most common are the problems with their batteries, which can burn skin or cause fires owner, or death by electrocution, the latter due mainly to use cables of dubious quality. In previous versions of iOS, Apple warns when a cable is not official, but iOS 10 also warn you when the Lightning connector is wet (via Reddit).

Like when an iPhone detects that it has taken too much temperature, warning that the Lightning connector is wet it is shown full screen. The difference with the temperature warning is that we can ignore the warning of wet connector if we play on the blue text that says “Ignore” and then confirm that we ignore the warning. Another way to disappear is to disconnect the cable and wait until it has dried.

New baby iOS security 10
The text asks us to “Unplug the Lightning accessory. Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector. To protect your iPhone, this accessory Lightning off and let it dry. ” On the one hand, logically it seems right that security measures are added to protect ourselves and our electronic devices, but it remains to be seen whether this new feature works well or not. Now that we are in summer and we sweat more than other times of year, I can not help thinking that the people who sweat them more hands will see this notice much more than they would like, and sometimes protecting without being necessary .

In any case, any new feature that brings something new is positive, provided they do not drag any other point. We will have to see what happens in September when iOS 10 is officially released.

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