Some new icons were discovered in the last beta of iOS 11.2.5,  revealing some of the features that will be present on the upcoming Apple’s smart HomePod speaker.

Users can now create custom scenes with the ability to disable the “Hey Siri” feature of the HomePod. In an image shared on Twitter by the developer Filipe Espósito, taken directly from the beta of iOS 11.2.5, we note the presence of some icons that contain the text “siri-off” in the name of the related files.

As with many other Apple devices, the HomePod also offers the possibility of always listening to activate Siri using the appropriate “Hey Siri” command. According to Apple, however, in some situations users may want to disable this feature, even for a matter of privacy.

From iOS 11.2.5 beta, it is also discovered that the HomePod will be able to support multiple entries for the activation and use of Siri.

Recall that Apple’s smart speaker was to be launched a month ago, but the company has preferred to delay the commercialization to solve some minor problems of optimization between software and hardware. Today, the FCC has given final approval to the sale of this device.

Sales should start by the end of February in the United States, especially now that it has received FCC approval.

(Source: @filipekids [Twitter])

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