iOS 11.4 draining your iPhone’s battery fast


iphone battery lifeThe battery consumption in the latest Apple devices, except the big ones like the Plus versions and the iPhone X have a very poor battery life. It is clear that something has to do with the mAh, but much of it is the firmware itself.

iOS is able to manage hardware and software so that the battery life of the device is extended efficiently. However, the latest versions of iOS, such as iOS 11.4, are producing a good number of complaints about their consumption.

So much so that in Apple forums, we are seeing collapsed by the intense number of complaints that users are depositing.

Most of  all, users are losing a lot of battery life when using the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6s and of course the iPhone 6. iPhone 6s users are charging their devices at least twice a day since running iOS 11.4, despite being one of the latest versions that Apple released.

There is no evidence about what is causing this unpleasant issue, it is probably a slight error of code that makes run a task in the background constantly, as it happened with the Facebook application .

What is concerning is that Apple does not seem to be too interested in launching a quick solution to this problem,  just two months after the official arrival of iOS 12 beta firmware that we have been testing for weeks.

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