iOS 11.4 Has Been Jailbroken With Working Cydia [Video]


ios-11-4-jailbreak-demo-has-been-shownAlthough the jailbreak development of iOS 11.3.1 has progressed to a considerable extent, it has been reported from another person that ” iOS 11.4 jailbreak succeeded” from here.

It seems that it will not be published soon due to the nature of the person who made the report, but maybe the day iOS 11.4 jailbreak will be available to the public possibly.

As you can see the demon video below, “iOS 11.4 Jailbreak” at a glance …, Cydia is running, each command is running just fine.

Furthermore, since the text file “jailbroken” is placed in [/], it seems that it is also possible to read and write to root.

By the way, because iPhone 7 is being used, is it working as KPPless … Is there a place to worry about that?

It was Richard Zhu is the one who reported the report and it may not be seen in the jailbroken area too much.

Richard Zhu is famous mainly as a security researcher and also participates in various security conferences. “During Pwn2Own which took place in March, I earned $120000 (about 13.28 million yen)”.

iOS 11.4 Jailbreak

In addition, the vulnerability discovered and used in these security tournaments will be reported to the manufacturer and will be revised thereafter. Therefore, even if Richard Zhu’s name appears in the security update of iOS a bit.

Due to the nature of these occupations, it seems that there will be no immediate release.
Will it be announced at some sort of security tournament … will it be reported via Trend Micro (Zero Day Initiative) that I belong … Well, although I am not sure about it, I will be informed to Apple at some point in any timing and will be fixed Should

If there is a detailed release, I wonder if Apple will fix it.

It may be good if you think that the vulnerability will be released at the same timing as Ian Beer who is talking about now.

Jailbreak is done in iOS 11.4 … That means that it is currently unprotected vulnerability in the progressive system, but … can also be used in iOS 12 …! What?
If possible, please wait for a while … if you make corrections around iOS 12.1 … that means vulnerabilities that can be used in iOS 12.0.x

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