iOS may be late according to many to the Augmented Reality, something quite debatable given the scarce adoption that still exists on the part of developers and users, but there is no doubt that Apple with iOS 11 will exploit to the maximum This “new” way to use the applications and devices thanks to ARKit.

The tools that Apple has given developers to take advantage of the possibilities of the Augmented Reality in the iPhone and iPad are giving their first fruits when not even a month ago that were announced, and despite the precocious developments, everything does Think it’s going to be a real bombshell as we can see in these videos some small existing projects.

Something as basic as a meter is an excellent example of how the Augmented Reality can go far beyond video games, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about this new technology. Your iPhone and iPad become a useful measurement tool that you always carry with you.

Obviously we can not forget the video games, which are going to be without a doubt the ARKit bombing. Driving games can take on an entirely different dimension with ARKit, as demonstrated in this simple example in which we parked a car from the balcony of home.

How about a naval battle on the floor of your bedroom? Strategy games can leave conventional boards and occupy the living room table but using your iPhone or iPad, immersing yourself in almost real action.

These are just a few examples that can be found by the network of small developers or even independent developers. Imagine what you can see when big video game companies start teaching their bets on Augmented Reality.

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