iOS-11-Wi-FiWhen connecting an iOS device to a WiFi, whether it is an iPhone or an iPad, it turns out that we are left with this connection activated automatically forever. In this way we are dancing with the WiFi connections inside the malls and even in the house for those who have 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands in our home network, but at last this is not going to happen again.

We will no longer have to be pressing “forget this network” when we do not want our iPhone to connect to WiFi, iOS 11 has included a switch so that we can stop connecting automatically to a WiFi network without forgetting the password of the same .

It is an advantage that many were crying out, I still remember when I ran out of MBs and I happened to connect to the WiFi network of EMT, since my iPhone was going crazy as far as mobile data is concerned, and I had no choice Which erase WiFi from public transport on my iPhone. Finally, with this new and simple function that the iOS development team has added to the configuration panel, we can quickly choose which networks we really want our iPhone to connect automatically.

A relief for Starbucks regulars and all kinds of shops with WiFi connection. The reality is that Apple is working quite well in the matter of adding small but very necessary features that we could not go without previously doing the Jailbreak. It seems that iOS 11 is a definite step towards the death of this practice, however, each new functionality is one more possibility that the system becomes unstable

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