iOS 12.1 Beta Released to Fix for iOS 12 Charging Issue


This news has filled social networks and news blogs this week, YouTube channels were busy getting everything they can about this iPhone XS and XS Max charging error failure, but it seems that the Batterygate has an expiration date.

As reported by Rene Ritchie from iMore, the recently released iOS 12.1 Beta 2 solves the charging error that affected the iPhone XS and XS Max. When Apple launches this new update the Batterygate is over.

The error came to light a few days ago and told how many iPhone XS and XS Max were not charged when connecting them to the Lightning cable with the screens blocked, despite using official cables with original chargers.

When connecting the cable to the charging port of the iPhone, some started charging with the characteristic sound and turning on the screen, as usual, but others remained unchanged, with the screen off and without starting the load. Only by touching the screen so that it “woke up” the charging of the iPhone began. A strange problem that affected many or few iPhones depending on where you read the news, and about which Apple has not said anything at this time.

The ruling, which existed but which in my opinion is far from being an unfortunate error that filled the internet like wildfire, causing many users owning new models to think that it was a hardware failure.

The fact that some users that own previous models, such as the iPhone X also complained about the same failure already pointed out, it should be a software problem easily remedied with a simple update.

Apple may wait for the release of iOS 12.1 to fix it or perhaps release a minor update earlier with this patch. We will keep you informed. On top of that, there is also iPhone XS and XS Max Beautygate to talk about.

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