iOS 12.1 Beta Shows Face ID in New iPad Pro Tablets

ipad pro face id

iPad Pro rendering courtesy of Viktor Kadar

Apple officially introduced a new security method that allows phones to always stay protected. I’m talking about the Face ID, a more reliable and secure technology than the traditional Touch ID introduced in 2013 along with the iPhone 5s.

As the first iPhone X units reached users, they saw how this technology only allowed to unlock vertically, not horizontally, something that at first makes sense, but in some cases, it is an inconvenience than an advantage. Now, this facial recognition technology will come with the next generation of iPad Pro tablets and will work both vertically and horizontally.

We have been talking for many months about the possibility of Apple renewing the iPad Pro range including the Face ID, a confirmation that has arrived days before the presentation of the new iPad models, through the iOS 12.1 beta code.

ios 12 beta code

As 9to5Mac stated, the beta of iOS 12.1 includes some lines that refer to the iPad when it comes to configuring the Face ID. According to these lines, the device will inform us that after performing the recognition of our face vertically, this protection system will work when the iPad Pro is in vertical or horizontal position.

Last June, in the iOS 12 code, clues were also found about the possibility of Face ID technology reaching the iPad, since it had specific options for the iPad to allow the creation of Animojis and Memoji, functions that they are only available thanks to the TrueDepth camera that includes the Face ID.

On October 30, in Apple’s event intended to feature new Macs, we will leave put all doubts to rest.

On our end, we will make a special follow-up for this event, publishing complete articles with all the novelties that will be presented.

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